Made exclusively for Aputure LS C120d, LS C120d II, LS C300d, the Fresnel 2X Attachment offers a beam spread that's variable from 12 to 40 degrees. A valuable bi-product of this enhanced design is its ability to intensify the output of the light! Aputure's LS 120d II, for example, is capable of outputting up to 14x its standard power thanks to the Fresnel's dual lens design. The Fresnel 2X comes with a padded case for storage and transport.

Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment

    • For COB 120 Series Light Storm Lights
    • Compatible with Bowen-S Mount Lights
    • Beam Angle Adjusts from 12-42°
    • Use for Spot or Flood
    • Intensity: 14000-67000 lux at 0.5M
    • Use with Optional Accessories
    • Fiberglass Shell for Strength
    • Provides Effective Heat Dissipation
    • Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment
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